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Evangeline Burgess Legacy Society

Leave a Legacy, Make a Difference for Children and Families

About Evangeline Burgess

As a driving force behind the creation of Pacific Oaks College in 1959, Evangeline Burgess embodied the spirit that still defines us today: a commitment to service and academic excellence that brings out the potential in everyone. An accomplished teacher and author, she pioneered new early childhood education programs as Pacific Oaks College’s first president.

The Evangeline Burgess Legacy Society offers an array of gift planning options designed to meet your needs, from providing a steady source of income now to reducing estate taxes later.

If you have included a gift for Pacific Oaks College/Children’s School in your estate plans or through a planned gift, you qualify for membership in the Evangeline Burgess Legacy Society!  Please fill out our member application to let us know about your intended gift and join the Legacy Society.

What is Planned Giving?

One of the most significant philanthropic tools available to the Pacific Oaks College and Children’s School community is planned giving. Planned giving:

  • Provides funding for current and future needs of the school, thus impacting generations of Pacific Oaks students in leading lives of learning, leadership, and service.
  • Can be adapted to each donor’s needs, including the opportunity for donors to make gifts that provide a lifetime source of income to the donor, while benefiting Pacific Oaks.

Planned giving opportunities

Appreciated Securities – Giving appreciated securities-stocks and bonds-can be more tax efficient than giving cash.  If you make a gift of securities directly to Pacific Oaks College/Children’s School, you will receive an income tax deduction – and gift credit with Pacific Oaks College/Children’s School – for the full market value, without paying any capital gains tax.  If you were to sell these securities before the gift, you would have to pay tax on any capital gains.

Retirement Plan Assets – Retirement accounts such as IRSs, 401(k), and 403(b) plans can be subject to double taxation-ordinary income tax and estate tax—meaning that more than 60% can go to taxes if left to your heirs. Retirement plan assets left to Pacific Oaks College/Children’s School will transfer tax free.

Life Income GiftsCharitable Remainder Trusts pays individual beneficiaries an annual amount for their lives or a fix term of up to 20 years.  Donors who create a Charitable Remainder Trust can claim an income tax deduction that represents the present value of the eventual gift to Pacific Oaks College/Children’s School.  When the Charitable Remainder Trust ends, the remaining assets are distributed to Pacific Oaks College/Children’s School.

Charitable Gift Annuity – In exchange for your gift, Pacific Oaks College/Children’s School promises to make lifetime annuity payments to one or two annuitants.  The contractual obligation is backed by Pacific Oaks College/Children’s School and its assets, making this a very secure source of future income.  After the death of the last annuitant, the balance of the remaining gift will be used by Pacific Oaks College/Children’s School for the purpose the donor has designated.

Life Insurance – Life insurance allows donors to leverage their resources while providing an extraordinary gift. You can donate your existing policy by making Pacific Oaks College/Children’s School the owner and receive an income tax deduction for the value of the policy.

Bequest – a bequest is a gift to Pacific Oaks College/Children’s School at your passing, generally through a provision in your will or living trust.  It may be revoked at any time during your lifetime if your situation changes.

  • Bequest Language: the following language may be used for making a gift to Pacific Oaks College/Children’s School by will or living trust:

“I hereby give to Pacific Oaks College/Children’s School located in Pasadena, California the sum of $__________ and/or ___________________ % of the residue of my estate.”


Pacific Oaks College and Children’s School federal tax I.D. number is 95-1716809

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