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Pasadena & Beyond podcast features new Advocacy & Social Justice program

December 2, 2017

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Published: December 2, 2017

The Pasadena & Beyond podcast, courtesy of the National Hispanic Media Coalition, invited Associate Dean Donald Grant to spread the word about Pacific Oaks’ new Advocacy & Social Justice bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.

Brenda Nogales, Pasadena & Beyond’s host, talked with Dr. Grant about the three most important tenets of the ASJ program: curriculum justice, respect, and diversity.

“People were looking for change agents and people are looking to make change,” Dr. Grant says. “And so we saw this as an opportunity to create a degree program that was directly aligned with our mission, which is in fact social justice and inclusion.”

Press play to hear Dr. Grant’s interview.


Click here to hear the full interview with additional guests.

Categories: Blog